Improving your rental lifestyle

Improving your rental lifestyle

Improving your rental lifestyleImproving your rental lifestyleImproving your rental lifestyle

Let us bring your guest home!

About Us

Our Approach

We have found that the guest is most impressed in a home that is elevated in design just a few steps above their own. At Host By Design, we integrate trendsetting styles that are appropriate for your targeted guests so that not only do they feel at home, but they are excited about telling others about your beautiful home and their pleasant stay. This is true of technologies that we can recommend and implement that leaves the guest with a 'Wow' factor. In addition to this, we can help you improve your rental business with state of the art operational and marketing technique.

Our Style

Our style is your style. Our designers bring in more elements of your existing style or to begin with a new look if you want a fresh perspective. We also implement new operations and technologies that help to improve the guest's stay as well as your business operations.

Taking Action

Let us come in to visit your home for a free assessment. From there we can discuss how your home can attract and please a new level of guests. Most times this can simply be obtained with simple editing or staging of existing items that are already in your home.